Indoor Climbing Triangle - Regular

$315.00 $252.00

A Pikler Triangle is a climbing triangle that was developed to encourage toddlers and kids to discover, climb, and play at their own pace when they are physically and mentally ready. It is used to allow your children to determine their own boundaries when developing their motor skills. 

In addition to the triangles there are a variety of ramp attachments available. They are double-sided to allow for more play options without sacrificing play space! There is a rock climbing ramp, ladder ramp, and slide.


- Promotes active play
- Gross motor development
- Open-ended play



6 months +
120lb weight limit
Aspen Plywood, non-toxic shellac & wax finish



Triangle Open - 31” tall x 31” wide x 29” deep
Triangle Folded - 36” tall x 31” wide x 9” deep
Ramps - 48” L x 15” W x 2.25” H 

 All pieces of wood are unique and no two will look the same. The images are an accurate representation of the structure you are purchasing, however, the characteristics of the wood will vary. Only high-quality wood is selected for production. 

Never leave a child unsupervised. Check the hardware periodically to ensure it is secured properly.


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